Sunday, July 31

August 2016

7 (Sunday): 4H meeting and puppy kindergarden training at SAAVI at 2:00 pm
14 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarden with select older puppies at SAAVI at 2:00 pm
21 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarden with select older puppies at SAAVI at 2:00 pm. We'll work on recall and crate behavior. Also, please bring a long line if you have one.
28 (Sunday): Birthday party at 2:00 pm for six puppies! The club will provide hot dogs and Frosty Paws. RSVP to Debbie if you're able to attend. Please bring a side, drink, or dessert. Bring a suit and towel if you'd like to swim. Address = 14040 South Burnt Corral Court in Vail (gate code = *7707).

What:  Yuma Fun Day  ¡Viva La Fiesta! [registration]
When:  Saturday October 22nd, 2016
Where: Yuma Crossing Park, 201 N. 4th Avenue Yuma, AZ 85364

Monday, June 27

July 2016

10 (Sunday): 4H/Training at SAAVI at 2:00 for all puppies. Please bring your puppy’s favorite toy.  Also, please have your puppy under control when you come into the meeting. If your puppy is pulling you, turn around and try again, using food.
13 (Wednesday): Those signed up to go to Fun Day, meet at Debbie’s house no later than 5:45 AM.
17 (Sunday): No meeting.
24 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00 for all puppies. Please bring your nail clippers. If your puppy is averse to having its nails clipped, please read the nail clipping protocol on the website.
31 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00 (optional for older puppies).

Sunday, May 22

June 2016

4 (Saturday): We need puppies (and handlers) to attend the FFA convention at the Radisson Airport Hotel (4550 S Palo Verde Road). We set up a table and hand out information on Paws for the Cause and Guide Dogs for the Blind.  The time is from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Debbie's asking that all puppies be there for some period of time. If you can’t make it, maybe someone who doesn’t have a puppy could stand in for you. 
5 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm. Please bring with you any of the following items: musical instruments (including drums), a pocket pet (e.g., snake, turtle, hamster), balloons to blow up and pop, toys that make noise, an umbrella, hiking pole, brushes and combs, a walker or wheelchair, a weird big hat, masks, gloves, an airline crate, a fan, a squirt bottle. Doesn't this sound fun?!
9 (Thursday): Evals with Deana, location TBD
11 (Saturday): Phoenix Guide Dog Luncheon from 10 am to 2 pm at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. There is no charge for this luncheon for raisers/sitters/friends,and it’s open to current raisers, sitters, past raisers, future raisers, people with career changes. (Please register if you're going.)
12 (Sunday): no meeting
19 (Sunday): no meeting
26 (Sunday): outing TBD

Saturday, April 30

May 2016

1 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm. Please do not relieve your dog prior to the meeting.
8 (Sunday): no meeting, Mother’s Day
15 (Sunday): outing to Tucson Mall, 2:00 pm. Please meet at the Food Court, right door as you walk into the mall.
22 (Sunday): no meeting
29 (Sunday): no meeting

Saturday, March 26

April 2016

3 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm. Please bring a water bottle of any kind (plastic disposable or reusable) – something you can carry comfortably in one hand.
6 (Wednesday): Visit to Oro Valley Hospital rehab unit, 3:00 (location to TBA)
10 (Sunday): Training on paw pads, SAAVI, 2:00 pm. Please watch the relevant videos towards the bottom of this GDB page.
17 (Sunday): Outing to the County Fair – 1:00 pm,  Pima County Fair Grounds
24 (Sunday): No meeting
30 (Saturday): Silver Award presentation for the Girl Scouts, 9:00 – 9:30 am, Loft Cinema, 3233 E Speedway Blvd.

Saturday, February 20

March 2016

5 (Saturday): Presentation to Delta Gamma (our biggest donor). This will be at Skyline Country Club (Skyline and Swan) at about noon. More details to follow.
6 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI for all puppies at 2 pm. Bring your nail-cutting equipment!
13 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten.
20 (Sunday): Outing to performance of The Music Man at Pima Community College West (2202 W. Anklam Road). Be there at 1:30 to give us time to get organized, get our puppies relieved, and get to our seats for a 2:00 play.
27 (Sunday): No meeting.

Saturday, February 6

February 2016

7 (Sunday): Outing to Sabino Canyon. As this'll include a tram ride, please bring $4.00 in cash (no debit or credit cards). Parking is $5.00/car. If you want to with people who Golden Passports (free parking), be at Debbie's house (5681 N. Chieftan) no later than 1:00 to carpool. If you prefer not to do this (or are late), the entrance to Sabino Canyon is on Sabino Canyon Road, just north of Sunrise Drive. 
14 (Sunday): Happy Valentine’s Day! Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00 pm.
21 (Sunday): FFA outing to the Flowing Wells Ag Facility. This is at the corner of Knox and Ponoma. Ponoma is a neighborhood street of Roger Rd west of Flowing Wells. A reference address could be 1540 Knox St - the house on the opposite corner. Be there by 2 pm.
26 (Friday): We'll be presenting to the students at Khalsa Montessori School (3701 E River Rd, across from the JCC) at 2:30 pm. Whether you can make it or not, contact Debbie. She needs your dog either way.
28 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00 pm. We'll be working on sit, down, stay, and stand, as well as dog-to-dog interaction and learning about a new training method.