Sunday, August 31

September 2014

7 (Sunday): Training at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. We're doing puppy exchanges, so raisers should bring all the necessary equipment plus food.
14  (Sunday): No meeting.
21 (Sunday): Tucson International Airport outing. Our guided tour of the airport, including going through security, starts at 2:00 pm from in front of the American Airlines counter. You need to be at the counter before 2:00 pm. The best parking is in the long-term lot off Tucson Blvd; it costs $4.00, and you will take a shuttle to the terminal. Tell the driver you're going to American Airlines. Bring your properly attired puppy, an empty roll-aboard (suitcase with wheels), and a picture ID. To make this easier, leave all items that might beep (big watches, jewelry, big belt buckles, etc.) at home.
28 (Sunday): No meeting.


October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Note that Debbie and Scott will be out of town part of September and October. Jusdina will lead in Debbie's absence.