Thursday, November 17

December 2016

4 (Sunday): Hike at Catalina State Park, starting at 1:00 pm. The park entrance fees are as follows:
  • per vehicle (1-4 adults): $7.00
  • individual/bicycle: $3.00
 11 (Sunday): B’sketti Bash at Jewish Community Center, 3:30 – 5:30 pm.  You don’t need to stay for two hours but Debbie would like all puppies to be there for some period of time.
17 (Saturday): Holiday Parade with SAAVI (and possibly evals with Rick)
18 (Sunday): Meet Scott and Debbie at Winterhaven at 6:30 pm for walk through.
25 (Sunday): No meeting - Merry Christmas.

1 (Sunday): No meeting - Happy New Year.
8 (Sunday): Meeting at SAAVI.
14 (Saturday): Statewide training to be held at Trinity Presbyterian Church (400 E University Blvd, Tucson). Because we are hosting, we need food (coffee, juice, pastry or donuts or bagels for the morning, and lunch). Joanna will be the committee chair responsible for organizing this and is looking for members willing to help. Please contact her if you'd like to be on the committee. Also, if you have any ideas for training exercises, please Joanna and Debbie know. We will run these by Rick to see what he would like to do.

Thursday, November 10

November 2016

6 (Sunday): Training at Reid Park for prospective raisers
13 (Sunday): Training outing to UA – Meet at the Second Street Garage, top floor, at 2:00 pm. This UA garage is on 2nd Street, just north of the Student Union. If you take Speedway, drop south on Mountain Ave. Drive into campus on Mountain and turn left onto 2nd Street at a stoplight. The entrance into the garage is on the right, less than a block from Mountain.
20 (Sunday): Training/4H at SAAVI at 2:00 pm.
27 (Sunday): No meeting.