Saturday, April 21

April 2012

1 (Sunday) - no meeting 
8 (Sunday) - no meeting
15 (Sunday) -  NOON: Picnic in Molina Basin campground/picnic area on the left side of Catalina Highway just past the fee station.  We'll take a short hike first and then have lunch.  The club is paying for the meat, but each person should bring a side or a dessert.  Email Debbie re your meat preference.  DIRECTIONS: Drive up the Catalina Highway. When you get to the fee station, go through the non-pay lane. (We've paid for the campsite and that covers the fee.) The Molina Basin campground/picnic area is shortly after the pay station on your left. When you get there, drive through the campground back to the group picnic area on the left.  
22 (Sunday) -  outing to Pima County Fair: Meet at noon at the ticket office. Admission is $8/person, parking is $5/car. As Debbie says, this'll involve "a host of smells."
29 (Sunday) - 2:30 meeting at SAAVI