Tuesday, February 15

March Events

3/5 (Saturday) State-wide training in Phoenix.
3/13 (Sunday) Meet at Reid Park at the statutes (on 22nd Street just east of Country Club – there’s a parking lot on the NE corner of 22nd and Country Club.) Bring long lines and treat bags. We will do obedience, leash work, ducks, statues, etc.
3/20 (Sunday) 4H meeting to discuss future outings. (Ideas: The 4th Avenue street fair on April 2nd, the county fair is April 17th)
3/27 (Sunday) TBD

Friday, February 4

February events

6-Feb, Sunday, 2:30 pm, Allen Road: We will work on loose leash and grooming. Please bring your grooming equipment (brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear stuff, clippers).
13-Feb: 2:30 Allen Road, Meeting
20-Feb: 2:30 Allen Road Leash work
27-Feb: both meetings at 2:30
  • New Pups: Get Jackets and work on stairs at Chase Bank at S.W. corner of Tanque Verde & Sabino Canyon Rd.
  • Older Pups: Tour of Rural Metro station at 4820 E. Sunrise (SE corner of Sunrise and Swan, behind shopping center). Cheryl will lead us that day (520-975-3386).