Monday, January 3

January Events

2nd (Sunday): Off - Happy New Year!
9th (Sunday): Meet at 2:30 at Starbucks next to Fry’s on NE corner of Grant and Swan. We'll have a guide dog user show us how his working guide navigates a busy intersection. This will be followed by a talk about using a guide dog. We'll also do some training in Fry's.
16th (Sunday): Off
23rd (Sunday): Farewell picnic/hike. Meet at the Molina Basin group campground at 11:30. Activities will include hiking, training, and of course eating. Raisers are asked to bring a desert, side dish, or chips. Also, please bring your own plates, cutlery, and something to drink. To get to Molina Basin, take Catalina Highway (e-mail me back if you need directions on how to get to Catalina Highway) to about milepost 5.5 (just past the fee station).  Turn right and go to the group camping area.  DO NOT PAY THE FEE TO GET ON THE MOUNTAIN.  We have a reserved site and have paid for it so no additional fees need to be paid.
30th (Sunday): New puppy meeting (assuming that the truck comes to Phoenix on the 29th). Bring your jackets because we'll be getting new ones. Every Sunday after that will include required puppy training meetings. We'll also schedule outings for the older puppies.