Wednesday, December 24

January 2015

4 (Sunday): Meet at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. (This is not a 4H meeting.) We'll work on moving the puppy into position, using food, and positive, constant pressure.
11 (Sunday): Streetcar outing.
18 (Sunday): Meet at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. Bring bait bags, as we'll work on leash tethering and R+ techniques.
25 (Sunday): No meeting. 

Saturday, November 22

December 2014

7 (Sunday): Holiday part at 3:00 pm at Debbie's house.  Details to follow.
14 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten, 2:00 pm, SAAVI. B'sketti Bash, Jewish Community Center, 3:30-5:50 pm (lots of puppy petting). 
19 (Friday) and 20 (Saturday): Evals will be done at Bruegger’s Bagels at the NW corner of Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon. It’s in the back corner under the arch, kind of between Ace Hardware and Safeway. Debbie emailed a spreadsheet with individual times. 
20 (Saturday): Holiday Parade, downtown, parade starts at 6:30 pm.
21 (Sunday): Anyone interested in going through Winterhaven should meet at 6:30 at the entrance on Fort Lowell, between Country Club and Tucson Blvd.
27 (Saturday):  Puppy kindergarten at 6 pm at Kara's (directions in Debbie's email).
28 (Sunday): No meeting,

Tuesday, October 28

November 2014

2 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at 2:00 pm at SAAVI for Jasleen, Carmel, and Solomon. Other puppies have the week off. 
8 (Saturday): The Las Cruces puppies will arrive in Phoenix. This doesn't affect our club, but some of you might be interested in attending. Contact Debbie for details.
9 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
Older puppies are doing an outing that'll keep everyone more spread out. Meet at 2:00 pm at the statues in Reid Park at 22nd..
15 (Saturday): The puppy truck arrives in Phoenix. We're welcoming two new puppies and saying farewell to Bounty and Topanga.
16 (Sunday): 4H/training for all puppies at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
23 (Saturday): Meet at Eller Dance Theater (on UA campus) at 1:30.
25 (Tuesday):  Puppy kindergarten for Carmel, Solomon, Pathfinder and Crimson will be at Kara's (5715 N. Campana Circle, Tucson), starting at 7:30 pm.
30 (Sunday): No meeting.

Saturday, September 20

October 2014

5 (Sunday): Training at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. This is for all in puppy kindergarten, plus select older  
12 (Sunday): Training at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. This is for all in puppy kindergarten, plus select older puppies. Jusdina's expecting Carmel, Solomon, Sanborn, Darrel, and Marge. Bring your bait bags. To prepare for the meeting, watch the foot tethering and loose leash videos here.
19 (Sunday): Training at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. This is a 4H meeting, and the training is for all puppies.
25 (Saturday): Yuma Fun Day, 9 am – 2 pm.
26 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.

Sunday, August 31

September 2014

7 (Sunday): Training at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. We're doing puppy exchanges, so raisers should bring all the necessary equipment plus food.
14  (Sunday): No meeting.
21 (Sunday): Tucson International Airport outing. Our guided tour of the airport, including going through security, starts at 2:00 pm from in front of the American Airlines counter. You need to be at the counter before 2:00 pm. The best parking is in the long-term lot off Tucson Blvd; it costs $4.00, and you will take a shuttle to the terminal. Tell the driver you're going to American Airlines. Bring your properly attired puppy, an empty roll-aboard (suitcase with wheels), and a picture ID. To make this easier, leave all items that might beep (big watches, jewelry, big belt buckles, etc.) at home.
28 (Sunday): No meeting.


October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Note that Debbie and Scott will be out of town part of September and October. Jusdina will lead in Debbie's absence.

Wednesday, July 23

August 2014

Before your training meetings, watch videos on these three techniques: loose leash walking, hand tethering, ground tethering. Click here for loose leash walking and then use the options in the webpage's right margin to find the others.

3 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten plus training for Topanga, Rusty, Patty, and Ronin at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
10 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten plus training for Jasleen, Bounty, Faith, Marge, and Darrell at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
15-16 (Friday-Saturday): Evaluations. Debbie emailed the schedule. Contact her if you have questions.
17 (Sunday): Puppy wash at Debbie's [5681 N. Chieftan (near Sunrise and Kolb)] starting at 2:00. Please bring your grooming equipment (brush, toothbrush/paste, ear cleaner) and a bucket, if you have one. Debbie hs shampoo, but if you have a shampoo you prefer, bring that too. All puppies should attend. (Note too that this is a community service project for Gaby’s brother’s confirmation class.)
24 (Sunday): Training for all puppies and and 4H  meeting at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
31 (Sunday): No meeting.


October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Friday, June 27

July 2014

6 (Sunday): no meeting
9-13: Trip for Fun Day in San Rafael. Further details TBA.
  • Leave from Debbie’s house at 6 am on Wednesday the 9th. Arrive in San Rafael around 11 am on Thursday the 10th.
  • Leave San Rafael around 3 pm on Saturday the 12th. Arrive in Tucson (Debbie's house) around 4 pm on Sunday the 13th.
20 (Sunday): Starting with a short 4H meeting, following by training for all puppies at SAAVI at 2:00
27 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00. Since Jasleen is the only new puppy, Debbie needs several others to attend weekly meetings at SAAVI.


October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Tuesday, May 27

June 2014

1 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI at 2:00 - How to take your puppy's vitals
5 (Thursday): FFA event at Holiday Inn on Palo Verde from 10 am to 3 pm
15 (Sunday): Pool party at Debbie's: 2:00 pm, 5681 N. Chieftan Trail. Bring your booties because the flagstone is hot, hot, hot!
29 (Sunday): Outing to Frost (SW corner of Ina and Oracle, next to Whole Foods). Puppies should be in head collars, attached to their leashes. Note if you're heading WEST on Ina: You cannot make a left turn onto Oracle. Instead, go through the light and make a left or u-turn at the next light west of the intersection. A left turn at that light will get you into the strip mall that contains Frost.


July 6: No meeting
July 9-13: Trip for Fun Day in San Rafael
July 20: Training at SAAVI at 2:00
October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Sunday, May 18

May 2014

4 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI
11 (Sunday): Bowling at 3:00 (note time change) at Lucky Strike Bowl, 4015 E. Speedway, east of Alvernon, north side. The club will pay for this.

June 4: Training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm
June 29: Outing to Frost, 2:00 pm, Oracle and InaJuly 12: Fun Day in San Rafael
October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Thursday, March 27

April 2014

5 (Saturday): Outing to Kara and Jonathan’s kickball tournament/bake sale (a fund raising opportunity for our club.) The sale will be at Joaquin Murrieta Park, located at Silverbell and Speedway on the east side of the street. We'll set up at 10 am and finish mid-afternoon.
6 (Sunday):  Training and 4H meeting to review new protocols from statewide training, and puppy kindergarten. Both will be at SAAVI at 2:00 pm. With the exceptions of Fanta and Darrell, please do not relieve your puppy before you get there.
12-13 (Sunday): Evals at food court in Target at 4040 N. Oracle, (NE corner of Oracle and Roger).
20 (Sunday): no meeting
26 (Saturday): Outing to County Fair. Meet at the main gate at 10:00 am, FREE ADMISSION until noon with a $5.00 or more receipt from any Bruegger’s Bagels! Otherwise, admission is $8 for adults, $5 for children under 10. Parking is $5, and this is not included in the Bruegger’s offer.
27 (Sunday): Puppy Kindergarten 2:00 pm at SAAVI

Jul 12: Fun Day in San Rafael
Oct 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Sunday, February 23

March 2014

2 (Sunday): We're meeting at Molino Basin Campground off the Catalina Highway around 1:30 for a quasi-potluck. The club will supply hot dog and hamburger meat and buns. Bring your own drinks, and bring sides (e.g., chips) and desserts to share. Please RSVP to Debbie so she gets a head count. Drive through the fee station. Our fees have already been covered. If you want to hike with Barry and Linda, arrive by 10 am.
7 (Friday): Presentation to home schoolers at 1:45. The location is near Broadway and Pantano.
9 (Sunday): No meeting.
15 (Saturday): The puppy truck's arriving in Phoenix, and Debbie's assuming that Otis, Niner, and Nimbus will leave on it.
16 (Sunday): 4H club meeting and training at SAAVI (meet the new puppies).
22 (Saturday): The statewide training day for raisers will be from 10 AM to 5 PM. Location TBA.
23 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00 pm.
30 (Sunday): Outing to Tucson Mall at 2:00 pm (no kindergarten this week). Meet at the food court, right side as you walk in from the outside. Don’t forget your bait bags.

Apr 5: Outing to Kara and Jonathan’s kickball tournament/bake sale (a fund raising opportunity for our club.)
Apr 13: Outing to mall
Jul 12: Fun Day in San Rafael
Oct 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Saturday, January 18

February 2014

1-2 (Saturday-Sunday): Evals. Each of you has your timeslots. EVALS CANCELLED! But remember your Heartguard!
3 (Monday): We're making a presentation at 1:30 pm to the 4th and 5th graders at Soleng Tom Elementary School [10520 E Camino Quince, Tucson, AZ 85748]. Directions: East on Broadway to Houghton Road; turn right. South on Houghton Road to Camino Quince; turn left. If you're joining this event, please let Debbie know.
9 (Sunday): Outing on Sun Trans bus: Meet at the Tohono Transit Center across from Tucson Mall at 1:15 for boarding practice and "passenger" distraction training. The bus departs at 1:45 for a 10-minute ride to Fort Lowell. Northbound bus picks up at 2:10 and deposits passengers at Tohono transit Center about 2:20. We should be completely finished in an hour-ish. Bring $1.50 in exact change for each way!
16 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI at 2:00.
23 (Sunday): No meeting (rodeo weekend). But remember to fill out your monthly report on the web. (If this doesn't work, email your report to Debbie as usual.) You have an hour and a half to fill out the report, and it cannot be saved once you start it.

Mar 2:  picnic/hike, goodbye party at Molina Basin
Mar 7: presentation to home schoolers, 1:45, location near Broadway and Pantano
Mar 22: There is a puppy truck tentatively scheduled for Phoenix. If we have puppies going back on that truck, they will be Nimbus, Niner, and Otis. Debbie has not heard anything about recalls and probably won’t until sometime in March.
Apr 5: Outing to Kara and Jonathan’s kickball tournament/bake sale (a fund raising opportunity for our club.)
Apr 13: Outing to mall
Jul 12: Fun Day in San Rafael