Tuesday, May 27

June 2014

1 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI at 2:00 - How to take your puppy's vitals
5 (Thursday): FFA event at Holiday Inn on Palo Verde from 10 am to 3 pm
15 (Sunday): Pool party at Debbie's: 2:00 pm, 5681 N. Chieftan Trail. Bring your booties because the flagstone is hot, hot, hot!
29 (Sunday): Outing to Frost (SW corner of Ina and Oracle, next to Whole Foods). Puppies should be in head collars, attached to their leashes. Note if you're heading WEST on Ina: You cannot make a left turn onto Oracle. Instead, go through the light and make a left or u-turn at the next light west of the intersection. A left turn at that light will get you into the strip mall that contains Frost.


July 6: No meeting
July 9-13: Trip for Fun Day in San Rafael
July 20: Training at SAAVI at 2:00
October 25: Fun Day in Yuma

Sunday, May 18

May 2014

4 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI
11 (Sunday): Bowling at 3:00 (note time change) at Lucky Strike Bowl, 4015 E. Speedway, east of Alvernon, north side. The club will pay for this.

June 4: Training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm
June 29: Outing to Frost, 2:00 pm, Oracle and InaJuly 12: Fun Day in San Rafael
October 25: Fun Day in Yuma