Friday, June 27

July 2014

6 (Sunday): no meeting
9-13: Trip for Fun Day in San Rafael. Further details TBA.
  • Leave from Debbie’s house at 6 am on Wednesday the 9th. Arrive in San Rafael around 11 am on Thursday the 10th.
  • Leave San Rafael around 3 pm on Saturday the 12th. Arrive in Tucson (Debbie's house) around 4 pm on Sunday the 13th.
20 (Sunday): Starting with a short 4H meeting, following by training for all puppies at SAAVI at 2:00
27 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI at 2:00. Since Jasleen is the only new puppy, Debbie needs several others to attend weekly meetings at SAAVI.


October 25: Fun Day in Yuma