Saturday, April 18

May 2015

3 (Sunday): Meet at La Encantada Mall at 2:00 pm.  The mall is on the NW corner of Campbell and Skyline. Let’s meet at the elevator on the bottom level. Bring your dog's booties.
10 (Sunday): No meeting. Happy Mother's Day!
16 (Saturday): For those who'd like to meet the puppy truck, it will be in Goodyear at 2:00 pm, at the Cracker Barrel, 1209 Litchfield Road just off the I-10.
17 (Sunday): 4H/training/puppy kindergarten, 2:00 pm, SAAVI.  
24 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten for Tad, Tetris, Brian, and Calder tat 2:00 pm at Debbie's [5681 N. Chieftan, near Sunrise and Kolb (one block east of Kolb, 4 houses north of Sunrise)]. Raisers should watch the videos on collar cues and the gentle leader available on the website.
31 (Sunday): Meeting for all at 2:00 pm at SAAVI. The older puppies will work on dog-to-dog interaction, walking on loose leash with distractions and stay. Please walk your puppy in on a loose leash. Do not let your puppy pull you or charge in. If they start to pull, stop and use positive fixed pressure and get them under control. The pavement will most likely be hot so you might want to use booties. The babies will work on foot tethering with distractions and loose leash walking and walking in the gentle leader. Please carry your younger puppy in.