Monday, February 26

April 2018

1 (Sunday): No meeting. Happy Easter and Passover.
8 (Sunday): Dorm visit for older puppies at UA, 2:00 pm, Arbol de la Vida, 515 N. Tyndall Ave. Park in the Tyndall Garage for free. Puppy kindergarten for younger puppies, time and location TBD.
14 (Saturday): Evals with Sandi, location and time, TBD.
15 (Sunday): Training with Sandi, noon – 5 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church.
16 (Monday): Cub Scout presentation, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Corpus Christi Church, 300 N Tanque Verde Loop.
20 (Friday): Girl Scout presentation, 2:30 pm, Khalsa Montessori School (3701 E River Rd.). Please let Debbie know if you can bring a puppy.
21 (Saturday) - 22 (Sunday): San Diego Fun Day.
28 (Saturday):  Leader training in Phoenix, leaders only.
29 (Sunday): Statewide training in Phoenix, location and time TBD.

March 2018

2 (Friday): Home school presentation, 11:45-12:25 pm, Sabino Road Baptist Church, 2710 N. Sabino Canyon Road. Please arrive by 11:35.
4 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten, 2:00 pm, Civano Community School 5-8, 10620 E Drexel Rd. All puppies are invited.
11 (Sunday): Hike in Catalina State Park, 2:00 pm,  PK Date, Time Location TBD,
18 (Sunday): Puppy Kindergarten, 2:00 pm, location TBD. All puppies are invited.
20 (Tuesday): Visit Delta Gamma, time TBD (maybe 4:00 pm), 1448  E. 1st Street.
25 (Sunday): 4H meeting and training, 2:00 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University.

Sunday, January 28

February 2018

4 (Sunday): Training and 4/H, 2:00 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University.
9 (Friday): Marana High School presentation, 10:00 – 11:00. Meet in the front office at 9:45.
10 (Saturday): Visit Oro Valley Hospital, 9:00 am. Meet in the lobby.
11 (Sunday): No meeting.
14 (Wednesday): New puppy pickup , details TBD.
17 (Saturday): Visit Oro Valley Hospital, 9:00 am. Meet in the lobby.
18 (Sunday): Puppy Kindergarten, street car outing for older puppies, 2:00 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University.
20 (Tuesday): Braille Challenge at the LRC room in ASDB, 12:30-2:15. Parking is in the lot west of the school on Yucca.
24 (Saturday): Visit Oro Valley Hospital, 9:00 am. Meet in the lobby.
25 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten, details TBD

Friday, December 29

January 2018

7 (Sunday): Training and 4H, 2:00 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University Blvd (at the corner of 4th Avenue & University). Park in the lot on the east side of the church. You do not have to pay. We're going to do a puppy exchange for everyone except Endeavor. Please bring enough food for at least 4 days. The only other thing that you will need is the regular equipment (leash & head collar). Debbie will let you know who’s going where soon.
10 (Wednesday): Visit to ASBD Girl Scout meeting, 4:00 pm. We will tell the girls about puppy raising and let them work with the puppies.
14 (Sunday): No meeting. 
21 (Sunday): Outing TBD, age appropriate for Endeavor. 
28 (Sunday):No meeting.

Tuesday, November 28

December 2017

2 (Saturday): Oro Valley Hospital with the Girl Scouts, 9-11 am. All puppies are invited.
3 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten (for younger puppies and their raisers only) at Debbie’s house (5681 N. Chieftan).
8 (Friday): Presentation at Marana HS (12000 W. Emigh Rd., Tucson, AZ  85743), , 10-11 am.
10 (Sunday): Holiday party at SAAVI, 2 pm. Please bring a snack to share and if anyone has a Santa suit that they could bring, please let Debbie know. All puppies/career changes/retired guides are welcome.
14 (Thursday): Visit with Santa at Oro Valley Hospital, 5:30-7 pm. All puppies are invited.
16 (Saturday): (1) Visit to rehab unit at Oro Valley Hospital, 9-11 am. Locke, Sharon, and one more puppy will cover this. (2) Holiday parade, 6:00 pm, downtown, all puppies. There will be a wagon for the younger ones.
17 (Sunday): No meeting.
24 (Sunday): No meeting.
28 (Thursday): Visit to rehab unit at Oro Valley Hospital, 9-noon. Locke and Sharon reporting again, but Debbie is looking for additional puppies.
31 (Sunday): No meeting.

Thursday, October 26

November 2017

5 (Sunday): Blessing of the Animals from 12:30 to 3:30 at Trinity Presbyterian Church (4th Ave and University). We'll be setting up a table with information about guide dogs and puppy raising. Older puppies, career changes, retired guides, and well-behaved pets are welcome to come and represent Guide Dogs for the Blind. Puppy kindergarten at the church at 2:00.
12 (Sunday): Training and puppy kindergarten at SAAVI, 2:00 pm, all puppies. Attendance is expected for all younger puppies, but all ages are welcome. Bring paw pads and Gentle Leaders.
19 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI, 2:00 pm. Attendance is expected for all younger puppies, but all ages are welcome.
26 (Sunday): No meeting.
30 (Thursday): Older puppies only. The Girl Scouts have invited us to join them for Coco at Harkins Theater (S of Cortaro and W of I-10). The movie starts at 5:30.

Friday, September 22

October 2017

1 (Sunday): Miniature golfing at Golf and Such, 2:00 pm, 6503 E Tanque Verde Rd. The cost to golf is about $8.00. 
7 (Saturday): Delta Gamma fundraiser “petting zoo,” noon – 4 pm, Delta Gamma Sorority House parking lot, 1448 E 1st St.
7-8 (Sat-Sun): Puppy evaluations, location somewhere near U of Arizona (details TBD). Slots are 4 (Sarella), 5 (Dorito), 6 (Reona) on Saturday; 9, 10, 11 on Sunday.
8 (Sunday): Training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm
15 (Sunday): no meeting
21 (Saturday): Puppy truck to Udall and Shumway Law Offices in Mesa (1138 N. Alma School Road; Mesa, AZ 85201). Be there by 4:15 for paperwork. Truck's arrival estimated for 5:00.
22 (Sunday): Training/4H, puppy kindergarten, SAAVI, 2:00 pm. All puppies are welcome to attend and meet our newest canine members. 
29 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten, SAAVI, 2:00 pm, mandatory for new puppies, optional for older puppies.