Sunday, January 28

February 2018

4 (Sunday): Training and 4/H, 2:00 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University.
9 (Friday): Marana High School presentation, 10:00 – 11:00. Meet in the front office at 9:45.
10 (Saturday): Visit Oro Valley Hospital, 9:00 am. Meet in the lobby.
11 (Sunday): No meeting.
14 (Wednesday): New puppy pickup , details TBD.
17 (Saturday): Visit Oro Valley Hospital, 9:00 am. Meet in the lobby.
18 (Sunday): Puppy Kindergarten, street car outing for older puppies, 2:00 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University.
20 (Tuesday): Braille Challenge at the LRC room in ASDB, 12:30-2:15. Parking is in the lot west of the school on Yucca.
24 (Saturday): Visit Oro Valley Hospital, 9:00 am. Meet in the lobby.
25 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten, details TBD

Friday, December 29

January 2018

7 (Sunday): Training and 4H, 2:00 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 400 E University Blvd (at the corner of 4th Avenue & University). Park in the lot on the east side of the church. You do not have to pay. We're going to do a puppy exchange for everyone except Endeavor. Please bring enough food for at least 4 days. The only other thing that you will need is the regular equipment (leash & head collar). Debbie will let you know who’s going where soon.
10 (Wednesday): Visit to ASBD Girl Scout meeting, 4:00 pm. We will tell the girls about puppy raising and let them work with the puppies.
14 (Sunday): No meeting. 
21 (Sunday): Outing TBD, age appropriate for Endeavor. 
28 (Sunday):No meeting.

Tuesday, November 28

December 2017

2 (Saturday): Oro Valley Hospital with the Girl Scouts, 9-11 am. All puppies are invited.
3 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten (for younger puppies and their raisers only) at Debbie’s house (5681 N. Chieftan).
8 (Friday): Presentation at Marana HS (12000 W. Emigh Rd., Tucson, AZ  85743), , 10-11 am.
10 (Sunday): Holiday party at SAAVI, 2 pm. Please bring a snack to share and if anyone has a Santa suit that they could bring, please let Debbie know. All puppies/career changes/retired guides are welcome.
14 (Thursday): Visit with Santa at Oro Valley Hospital, 5:30-7 pm. All puppies are invited.
16 (Saturday): (1) Visit to rehab unit at Oro Valley Hospital, 9-11 am. Locke, Sharon, and one more puppy will cover this. (2) Holiday parade, 6:00 pm, downtown, all puppies. There will be a wagon for the younger ones.
17 (Sunday): No meeting.
24 (Sunday): No meeting.
28 (Thursday): Visit to rehab unit at Oro Valley Hospital, 9-noon. Locke and Sharon reporting again, but Debbie is looking for additional puppies.
31 (Sunday): No meeting.

Thursday, October 26

November 2017

5 (Sunday): Blessing of the Animals from 12:30 to 3:30 at Trinity Presbyterian Church (4th Ave and University). We'll be setting up a table with information about guide dogs and puppy raising. Older puppies, career changes, retired guides, and well-behaved pets are welcome to come and represent Guide Dogs for the Blind. Puppy kindergarten at the church at 2:00.
12 (Sunday): Training and puppy kindergarten at SAAVI, 2:00 pm, all puppies. Attendance is expected for all younger puppies, but all ages are welcome. Bring paw pads and Gentle Leaders.
19 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at SAAVI, 2:00 pm. Attendance is expected for all younger puppies, but all ages are welcome.
26 (Sunday): No meeting.
30 (Thursday): Older puppies only. The Girl Scouts have invited us to join them for Coco at Harkins Theater (S of Cortaro and W of I-10). The movie starts at 5:30.

Friday, September 22

October 2017

1 (Sunday): Miniature golfing at Golf and Such, 2:00 pm, 6503 E Tanque Verde Rd. The cost to golf is about $8.00. 
7 (Saturday): Delta Gamma fundraiser “petting zoo,” noon – 4 pm, Delta Gamma Sorority House parking lot, 1448 E 1st St.
7-8 (Sat-Sun): Puppy evaluations, location somewhere near U of Arizona (details TBD). Slots are 4 (Sarella), 5 (Dorito), 6 (Reona) on Saturday; 9, 10, 11 on Sunday.
8 (Sunday): Training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm
15 (Sunday): no meeting
21 (Saturday): Puppy truck to Udall and Shumway Law Offices in Mesa (1138 N. Alma School Road; Mesa, AZ 85201). Be there by 4:15 for paperwork. Truck's arrival estimated for 5:00.
22 (Sunday): Training/4H, puppy kindergarten, SAAVI, 2:00 pm. All puppies are welcome to attend and meet our newest canine members. 
29 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten, SAAVI, 2:00 pm, mandatory for new puppies, optional for older puppies.

Saturday, August 26

September 2017

1 (Thursday): Remember your Heartguard!
3 (Sunday): Children's Museum Tucson (200 S 6th Ave), 1- 4 pm. Parking on the street is free on the weekend, and there is plenty such parking nearby. Please wear closed-toe shoes. If you wear shorts, please avoid very short shorts. We'll be explaining to families what service dogs are, including the etiquette for approaching them since many people don't know this. Some children may rush the dogs or be loud, so be prepared for surprises.
10 (Sunday): No meeting.
17 (Sunday): Training and 4H at SAAVI, 2:00 pm.
24  (Sunday): No meeting.

Saturday, July 29

August 2017

6 (Sunday): No meeting.
13 (Sunday): Meet the trainer! 2:00 pm, SAAVI.  (There will also be a short 4H meeting.)
20 (Sunday): No meeting.
27 (Sunday): Ice Cream! Outing to Stray Dogs Grill (78 W. River Road), 2:00 pm.

Upcoming ...
3 Sep (Sunday): Children's Museum Tucson, 1:00-4:00 pm.
7 Oct (Saturday): Delta Gamma festival, noon-4 pm.
5 Nov (Sunday): Blessing of the animals, booth 12:30-4:00pm.