Saturday, January 18

February 2014

1-2 (Saturday-Sunday): Evals. Each of you has your timeslots. EVALS CANCELLED! But remember your Heartguard!
3 (Monday): We're making a presentation at 1:30 pm to the 4th and 5th graders at Soleng Tom Elementary School [10520 E Camino Quince, Tucson, AZ 85748]. Directions: East on Broadway to Houghton Road; turn right. South on Houghton Road to Camino Quince; turn left. If you're joining this event, please let Debbie know.
9 (Sunday): Outing on Sun Trans bus: Meet at the Tohono Transit Center across from Tucson Mall at 1:15 for boarding practice and "passenger" distraction training. The bus departs at 1:45 for a 10-minute ride to Fort Lowell. Northbound bus picks up at 2:10 and deposits passengers at Tohono transit Center about 2:20. We should be completely finished in an hour-ish. Bring $1.50 in exact change for each way!
16 (Sunday): 4H/training at SAAVI at 2:00.
23 (Sunday): No meeting (rodeo weekend). But remember to fill out your monthly report on the web. (If this doesn't work, email your report to Debbie as usual.) You have an hour and a half to fill out the report, and it cannot be saved once you start it.

Mar 2:  picnic/hike, goodbye party at Molina Basin
Mar 7: presentation to home schoolers, 1:45, location near Broadway and Pantano
Mar 22: There is a puppy truck tentatively scheduled for Phoenix. If we have puppies going back on that truck, they will be Nimbus, Niner, and Otis. Debbie has not heard anything about recalls and probably won’t until sometime in March.
Apr 5: Outing to Kara and Jonathan’s kickball tournament/bake sale (a fund raising opportunity for our club.)
Apr 13: Outing to mall
Jul 12: Fun Day in San Rafael