Sunday, January 15

January 2012

 Jan 7 (Saturday) – Sandi will evaluate returning puppies. Contact Debbie re times that work for you. This'll be on a busy street (e.g., Crossroads at Grant and Swan).
Jan 8 (Sunday) – Bus practice: Meet at 2:00 at the bus terminal to the east of the Tucson Mall. We'll practice getting on and off a bus during its driver's break and then take a ride on a regularly functioning bus. Punctuality is essential for this meeting because the buses run on a schedule.
Jan 15 (Sunday) – Essential meeting for new raisers. Allen Road at 2:30
Jan 22 (Sunday) – Goodbye party (and 4H meeting) at Debbie's starting at 2:00 pm (5681 N. Chieftan). Premiere of puppy video.
Jan 28 (Saturday) – Winter carnival and puppy truck 10 am - 3 pm at the Foundation for Blind Children (1235 E Harmont Dr.) in Phoenix. Debbie's leaving her house at 7:30 am.
Jan 29 (Sunday) – Training meeting at Allen Road at 2:30. Meetings at this day/time/location are required for raisers of new puppies until the pups have all their shots unless Debbie tells us otherwise.

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