Tuesday, May 15

June 2012

3 (Sunday): 2:30 training at SAAVI (3767 East Grant Road, between Alvernon and Dodge, northside). Please bring your puppy with jacket, long line (if you have one), bait bag, gentle leader.
10 (Sunday): 2:30 meeting at SAAVI (new puppies will come to weekly meetings till Debbie indicates otherwise). The older puppies are going to do a puppy exchange for the week. Bring everything your puppy with its jacket, booties, gentle leader and enough food for the week. DO NOT bring toys. Your puppy will enjoy the different toys at the new house. If you have any questions about this please contact Michael at or (520) 975-8076.
17 (Sunday): 2:30 training at SAAVI, 4H meeting
24 (Sunday): new puppy training at 2:30 at SAAVI

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