Saturday, September 1

September 2012

To help with references below, here are our current age categories:
  • babies: Bishop, Wyoming
  • middle: Gerard, Lara, Linley, Kelsa, Skyla, Newhart
  • older: Art, Danbury, Disney, Payton, Rogue, Spencer, Walker, Wasabi, Willia
1 (Saturday) – Heartguard and monthly reports due! The reports for babies and older puppies go to Debbie; reports for the middle group go to Jusdina.
2 (Sunday) – no meeting
9 (Sunday) – 1:30 training at SAAVI: This is for the babies and the middle group of puppies. Please read the manual on the recall command (come) and go to bed.
16 (Sunday)
  • We need 2-3 puppies for each hour slot at a table at Petco (4625 North Oracle Road, across from Tucson Mall). Please contact Debbie if you haven't already. She still needs puppies/people.
  • 1:30 –babies will get training at SAAVI.
23 (Sunday) – 1:30 party at Amy Peterson’s house (3650 N. Wendell). When you turn onto Wendell, it's the second house on the right.
30 (Sunday) – 4H meeting and training at SAAVI, 2:30. Sandi will be there to help with training issues we might have.

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