Thursday, March 27

April 2014

5 (Saturday): Outing to Kara and Jonathan’s kickball tournament/bake sale (a fund raising opportunity for our club.) The sale will be at Joaquin Murrieta Park, located at Silverbell and Speedway on the east side of the street. We'll set up at 10 am and finish mid-afternoon.
6 (Sunday):  Training and 4H meeting to review new protocols from statewide training, and puppy kindergarten. Both will be at SAAVI at 2:00 pm. With the exceptions of Fanta and Darrell, please do not relieve your puppy before you get there.
12-13 (Sunday): Evals at food court in Target at 4040 N. Oracle, (NE corner of Oracle and Roger).
20 (Sunday): no meeting
26 (Saturday): Outing to County Fair. Meet at the main gate at 10:00 am, FREE ADMISSION until noon with a $5.00 or more receipt from any Bruegger’s Bagels! Otherwise, admission is $8 for adults, $5 for children under 10. Parking is $5, and this is not included in the Bruegger’s offer.
27 (Sunday): Puppy Kindergarten 2:00 pm at SAAVI

Jul 12: Fun Day in San Rafael
Oct 25: Fun Day in Yuma

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