Tuesday, October 28

November 2014

2 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at 2:00 pm at SAAVI for Jasleen, Carmel, and Solomon. Other puppies have the week off. 
8 (Saturday): The Las Cruces puppies will arrive in Phoenix. This doesn't affect our club, but some of you might be interested in attending. Contact Debbie for details.
9 (Sunday): Puppy kindergarten at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
Older puppies are doing an outing that'll keep everyone more spread out. Meet at 2:00 pm at the statues in Reid Park at 22nd..
15 (Saturday): The puppy truck arrives in Phoenix. We're welcoming two new puppies and saying farewell to Bounty and Topanga.
16 (Sunday): 4H/training for all puppies at 2:00 pm at SAAVI.
23 (Saturday): Meet at Eller Dance Theater (on UA campus) at 1:30.
25 (Tuesday):  Puppy kindergarten for Carmel, Solomon, Pathfinder and Crimson will be at Kara's (5715 N. Campana Circle, Tucson), starting at 7:30 pm.
30 (Sunday): No meeting.

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