Sunday, June 25

July 2017

2 (Sunday): no meeting
4 (Tuesday): Our puppies cannot be exposed to fireworks. Do not take them to any fireworks displays. If you have fireworks going off in your neighborhood, make sure your puppy is in the house and is secure. Watch out opening doors to prevent them from escaping. If you are not going to be home, please crate them and turn on the TV or a radio to help drown out the noise. 
9 (Sunday): 4H/Training at SAAVI, 2:00 pm, working on dog distraction
16 (Sunday): no meeting
23 (Sunday): We'll meet at 2:00 at Children's Museum Tucson (200 S 6th Ave). Parking on the street is free on the weekend, and there is plenty such parking nearby. Please bring $8/person in case the museum doesn't waive their admission fee. Also, please wear closed-toe shoes. If you wear shorts, please avoid very short shorts. We'll be explaining to families what service dogs are, including the etiquette for approaching them since many people don't know this. Some children may rush the dogs or be loud, so be prepared for surprises.
26 (Wednesday) - 30 (Sunday): Fun Day trip to San Rafael. Departure from Debbie’s house at 6:00 am SHARP on the 26th

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